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Jodi received her undergraduate education from Brigham Young University and her graduate work at the University of Utah in Educational Psychology. She began her clinical work at the Cirque Lodge where she spent 5 years as the program director as Cirque Lodge was becoming a national and now international known treatment facility for drug and alcohol addictions.

She currently owns and is the clinical director and supervisor of an out-patient treatment program for sexual/pornography addictions. She has lectured at numerous functions and conferences, including Women’s conference at Brigham Young University, regarding the significance of all addictive behaviors and the devastating effects and how to treat and change behavioral patterns.

She has counseled thousands of people and her unique style of educating about the power of choice and the need for impeccable honesty, rigorous responsibility and a willingness to sustain humility has supported many people to heal in their own lives.

Jodi’s style is compassionate yet direct and clear of what is necessary to really change and champion any addictive or self-destructive behavior. Whether it be scars of abuse, a ravenous addiction, feelings of worthlessness or inadequacy, conflicts in relationships, intimacy problems, communication breakdowns or any type of block in your life that prevents you from having and creating peace and joy. These concepts will educate you in such a way that you will have a different paradigm/angle from which to choose a new view on your life.

It comes down to your choice—BUT you must understand why you select the choices you do—so you can choose differently. I encourage you to take the challenge and empower yourself to begin a NEW journey and see your choices from a whole new perspective.

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